Category Management

In today’s highly competitive foodservice marketplace, big data management and analytics are quickly becoming table stakes.

KeyImpact’s i2i brings a different approach to foodservice category management. i2i’s tools and services are designed, built and deployed specific to the individual needs of each foodservice distributor, facilitating growth and ROI for each of the collaborating trading partners.

i2i builds a CatMan bridge, offering services and tools that accelerate category growth in a complex and changing sales environment.

Our high level of focus on strategic initiatives fuels our services and closes the gap between data analytics, joint business planning and in-field execution. This unique approach is the differentiating factor i2i brings to the marketplace.

This i2i bridge is the enabler that ties category goals to operator targets “likely to buy” and measures these category initiatives at the corporate, regional and local levels for our clients and distributor partners.


Category Assessments

Portfolio Optimization

Joint Business Planning

Strategic Consultancy

Multilevel Scorecarding

Consumer Insights

Opportunity Gap Analysis

Customer Targeting

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