Rob Monroe

SVP, Client Management

Prior to entering foodservice, Rob spent three years in software development with IBM. In 1986, Rob began his career in foodservice, working for Prestige Food Brokers, a Metro NY-based food brokerage founded by his father Jim Monroe. In 1991, Rob became the President of Prestige and subsequently acquired Sierra Sales, a successful packaging & supply sales agency, and GMD Sales, a successful Metro NY school foodservice sales agency. Prestige joined KeyImpact Sales & Systems, Inc. in 2008, as the foodservice industry began its transformation. Rob’s areas of expertise include project management, analytics and communications.

Having grown up in foodservice, Rob is dedicated to the industry’s collective success, serving as the President of FSMA and the Secretary/Treasurer of the Metro NY Foodservice Association.

Rob graduated in 1983 from Rutgers University with degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science.

Rob Monroe is based in Burlington, NJ and can be reached at