Foodservice Trade Channel

Regardless of whether you’re a Manufacturer, Distributor, or Operator, it’s no secret that growing a business in foodservice is extremely challenging.

From the very beginning, KeyImpact has built its business as a solution to the ever-changing challenges of foodservice sales. Calling on leading talent, resources, and technology, we’ve formed a steadfast team of experts who excel at delivering actionable results that help your business thrive.

We Engage, Execute, and Innovate Across the Foodservice Trade Channel

KeyImpact’s integrated push and pull sales approach delivers relevant, high-value solutions, as well as market insights and intelligence to all players in the foodservice trade channel.

How KeyImpact Serves You

KeyImpact’s associates come from varying types of foodservice organizations, leveraging years of experience and an inherent knowledge of how to go to market profitably. Whether you’re a Manufacturer, Distributor, or Operator, if you’re in foodservice, we can help. Here’s how…

Manufacturer Clients

We’re an extension of your sales force and trusted business partner.

“Our businesses are deeply linked.”
– Director Foodservice Sales, National Branded CPG Company


We’re your collaborative partner at the corporate, regional, and local level, helping you implement focused initiatives relevant to Operators by segment.


We’re your on-call resource across all Operator segments, focused on creating business-building solutions that are relevant to your brand, operation, and consumer.

“We count on KeyImpact for their product knowledge and industry expertise.”
– Foodservice Director, K-12

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