Foodservice for Operators

“We are Operator centric: Our people have relationships, respect, and trust built with Operators throughout the industry.”

– Carl Benkovich, Chief Operating Officer, KeyImpact

The Operator level of the trade channel is a highly diverse and complex environment. Each segment and sub-segment has unique needs and challenges, from regulations and purchasing protocols to rapidly changing consumer expectations.

Serving this community while adding value to their product selection process, operations, and brands requires a diverse and expert-level skillset.

Helping Operators Succeed Across the Country

At KeyImpact, our focus is on helping each Operator grow their business while meeting their operational and profitability requirements.

We employ specialists with the vital skills and segment knowledge needed to help get the right products to the right Operators in order to meet and exceed their consumers’ demands.

We know we succeed by helping our Operators succeed. –Diane Jamerson, Director of Client Management, KeyImpact

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