Commercial, Multi Unit
& LLOs

Connecting Restaurants with Category-Leading Products

Foodservice Manufacturers know just how difficult it is to get a product to the right Operator.

Foodservice Operators know how difficult it is to increase check averages and drive traffic without knowledge of the latest consumer trends and access to the right products.

For both parties, KeyImpact is the solution.

Our Operator-focused teams are a trusted resource for Commercial, Multi Unit and Local Leverage Operators (LLOs), facilitating connections to the menu items that help Operators return a profit and grow their business.

Region Chains

KeyImpact’s Chain Specialist Team leverages consumer insights, culinary resources, and market knowledge to assist region chain restaurants with personalized business and menu development.

With a variety of Manufacturer Client products in our repertoire, we help region chains with full menu recommendations, delivering full-plate solutions, not just ingredients.

Our national coverage ensures that the solutions we bring to everyday challenges make an impact on our customers’ bottom line while improving operational execution.

Local Leverage Operators (LLOs)

KeyImpact’s deep market knowledge ensures a laser focus on targeting and penetrating independent LLOs to open distribution slots and drive volume.

Whether it’s a Fast-Casual Restaurant Operator or a Hospital Foodservice Director, our highly trained Operator Specialists are committed to delivering the best service, products, and tools to help independents thrive.

Why KeyImpact?

  • Strong back-of-house knowledge and expertise across Sales, Culinary & Marketing
  • Product and category expertise in food and packaging & supply to help with menu planning, cost analysis, nutritional guidelines, and cross merchandising
  • Supply chain expertise to drive consistency and compliance

For Manufacturer Clients and Commercial, Multi Unit or LLOs, teaming up with KeyImpact is a win-win.

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