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Foodservice at Retail & C-Store

Catching the eye of store shoppers with prepared-on-premise foods to go can be a profitable extension of your traditional retail or c-store business.

But, effectively selling foodservice at retail or in the convenience channel demands access to category-leading products and a deep understanding of consumer purchase habits, food preparation, and more.

Retail Sales with a Foodservice Focus

KeyImpact’s expertise in foodservice gives us a definite advantage in the foodservice at retail and c-store spaces. We’re here to help you strategically place relevant products in every corner of your store or market.

Impulse sales rule the world of c-store foodservice. Mastering merchandising, packaging, and promotional materials while consistently delivering a quality product to your consumer is essential for success. At KeyImpact, we have a team of specialists to assist you in growing your business in these unique segments. We offer you:

Traditional Grocery

  • Extensive experience with perimeter of the store products and prepared meals.
  • Up-to-the-minute knowledge of consumers’ wants and needs.
  • Long-standing relationships with key Retail Distributors.
  • A diverse portfolio of Manufacturer Client products.


  • Menu development (getting the RIGHT products for your market).
  • Merchandising assistance.
  • Competitive analysis in the surrounding marketplace.
  • Production and packaging expertise.
  • In-store preparation and handling procedures.

Whether you’re new to foodservice, or are just looking for the most popular trends at the local restaurants in your marketplace, you can count on KeyImpact’s Culinary Team for recommendations and field team training for your store’s staff.

Ready to freshen up your food offerings? Contact KeyImpact’s Foodservice at Retail & C-Store Teams today!