Recreation & Casinos

Food for Fun

From pizza and ice cream at the game to a 5-course meal on a cruise, food is a cornerstone of the recreation and casino industries, and a huge part of your guest’s visit.

The Challenge

Sustainable success selling in the recreation and casino segments requires out-of-the-box thinking and a clear understanding of each venue’s consumer base, equipment, and operations constraints.

Distribution and supply chain options differ greatly from venue to venue, and seasonality and weather also affects purchasing behaviors from year to year.

The Solution

KeyImpact’s Operator Specialists are ready to help Operators understand and navigate the processes that drive these segments with innovative resources and expertise, including product specs and purchasing protocols.

We can help you put new items on your menu that’ll get your guests excited and increase profits, while contributing to a memorable experience.

We Partner With:

  • Zoos
  • Amusement parks
  • Casinos
  • Cruise lines
  • Theaters
  • Water parks
  • Camps
  • National parks

With solid relationships throughout the supply chain, we’re able to provide all non-commercial operations with relevant solutions, whether they’re contract managed, a GPO member, or self-operated.


Sarah Scott

VP Casinos and Gaming

Sarah Scott has worked in foodservice distribution, brokerage, and the manufacturing for over 25 years. Early in her career with KeyImpact, Sarah primarily called on and worked with casinos. Her expertise in this segment lead to her promotion as the leader and developer of KeyImpact’s National Casino Gaming segment. As the casinos consolidate and expand throughout the country, a streamlined approach to insure programs and strategies are implemented is the task to grow our mutual business.

Sarah Scott is based in Las Vegas, NV and can be reached at

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