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KeyImpact Announces New Executive Structure

Posted: February 29, 2012

To Our Valued Clients, Customers and Partners:

In order to further develop KeyImpact’s unique strengths and our position in the marketplace, we will be implementing the following changes to our current structure.

  1. All core business sales and segment teams will report to Dan Cassidy
  2. To support our Westward growth, we have divided the markets into Eastern and Western zones:
    • Joe Hargadon, Senior Vice President East will be responsible for the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southeast markets. Joe’s team is comprised of:
      • Mark Hughes, Region President Northeast
      • TJ Lynch, Region President Mid-Atlantic
      • Tom Windsor, Region President Midwest. Tom’s team includes:
        • Forrest Fairall, Region Director Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana
        • Terry Turner, Region Director, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky
      • Ben Morgan will be expanding his role to Region President Southeast. Ben’s team includes:
        • Jack Provenzano, Region Director Florida
        • Ted Norton, Region Director Tennessee, Alabama
        • Bruce Fike, Region Director Georgia, Carolinas
      • Chuck Paradowski, Senior Vice President, West will be responsible for Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Northern California and Northern Nevada. Chuck’s team is comprised of:
        • Robbie Sterling, Region President Southwest
        • Tom Massey, Regional Director Texas
        • Paul DeVincenzi, Region President West
  3. To enhance our segment focus:
    • Butch Cassidy, Senior Vice President Segment Sales will be expanding his team as follows:
      • Eric Garvin, Vice President GFS
      • Clay Marcum, Vice President Sysco
      • Peter Voss, Vice President US Foods
      • Gary Vonck, Vice President K-12 and C&U
  4. As we expand our infrastructure and strategic growth initiatives:
    • Eric Frost, COO will oversee these initiatives which include IT and HR, as well as Marketing, New Business Development, Supermarket, Packaging and Supply, and National Chain Accounts. The changes to Eric’s team include:
      • Brenda Lotesta, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will be responsible for Marketing, Industry Relations, New Business Development and the Chain Account Division. Brenda’s team includes:
        • Angela Cassata, Marketing Communications and Research Manager
        • Graphics team: Jeremy Mooy, Nina Rosales and Sara Strevig
        • Chain team: Steve Gunn, Greg Kornowa, and Karen Keown

The new structure will support our continued evolution, geographic expansion and facilitate our ability to continue to exceed our clients and customers expectations.

Please join me in congratulating everyone on their new roles and responsibilities! Bios for each of the individuals listed above can be found here.

These are exciting times both for KeyImpact and the entire foodservice industry. All of us here at KeyImpact appreciate your continued support and business!

Thank You.

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