NEW Tools From the National Restaurant Association

Posted: June 24, 2020

Track Every Reopening Regulation by State with Two New Association Resources
Operators across the country now have access to two additional reopening resources from the National Restaurant Association.

  1. The State Reopening Training & Certification Requirements/Regulations document, created by the Association’s ServSafe Training & Certification Compliance team, covers all food safety training and certification requirements for restaurants by state as each enters new reopening phases. It also covers any state food protection manager and food handler certificate expiration extensions and lists deadlines for required recertification. It’s updated twice a week.
  2. The Official Return to Work Guidelines for Foodservice Establishments covers, by state, everything from dine-in status and required PPE to distancing/occupancy limits, and employee and customer health-check requirements. Updated regularly, it was created by the Association’s Restaurant Law Center and State Restaurant Association Relations teams.

Click here to visit the National Restaurant Association’s Coronavirus Resources page.