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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Leveraging today’s technologies and data science to impact your business profitably.

In order to provide our Manufacturer Clients, Distributors, Operators, and Sales Teams with actionable insights, KeyImpact is investing heavily in the technology and talent required to manage, aggregate, and analyze data.

Our Analytics & Insights Team utilizes KeyImpact’s proprietary technology to support sales planning, execution, and reporting activities.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Our Business Intelligence capabilities enable KeyImpact to identify opportunities and measure the results of our sales force, allowing us to produce multi-level scorecards.


KeyImpact collaborates with Manufacturer Clients, Distributors, and Operators to lead the foodservice industry in the optimized use of technology, shared data, and analytics to drive return on investment through accelerated growth.

  • Identify opportunities.
  • Target “most likely to buy” based on Operator attributes.
  • Prioritize targets based on size and potential impact to business.
Predictive Analytics: Target Opportunity Prioritization System (TOPS)

TOPS is a proprietary analytics engine that enables our Sales Teams to sell the right products to the right Operators to grow our Manufacturer Clients’, Distributors’, and Operators’ businesses.

Category Management (CatMan) for Foodservice: i2i Foodservice

The foodservice industry is changing fast, and there’s a lot of focus on adopting CatMan disciplines in order to be successful. KeyImpact i2i Foodservice offers an outsourced, fee-for-service Category Management option for our Manufacturer Client and Distributor customers.