Industry-Leading Technology

KeyImpact continues to raise the bar in foodservice sales execution by investing in, adapting, and deploying cutting-edge technologies.

Data sharing enables KeyImpact to apply the analytics that drive decision-making and empower sales to create a strategic approach and an effective follow-through out on the street.

Data-Driven Foodservice Sales

The highly competitive and complex foodservice industry requires cost-effective ways to anticipate industry fluctuations and accurately pinpoint viable areas of opportunity.

A clear strategic roadmap supported by data analytics and insights ensures we deliver the right business solutions to our Distributor and Operator customers.

The Game Changer CRM

Foodservice Sales Performance Platform

Developed on a 100% mobile platform, The Game Changer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool enables and accelerates sales execution. The Game Changer gives our sales associates on-demand access to customer profiles, product information, call preparation, and objective management tools.

With real-time reporting linked to their personal sales dashboards, our teams can meet their sales targets and focus on helping their Operator and Distributor customers grow their businesses.

Sales Reporting & Data Visualization

Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

KeyImpact’s Business Intelligence tool provides comprehensive sales reporting right in The Game Changer CRM interface. Our Client Management and Leadership Teams use the KeyImpact Business Intelligence tool to see a detailed picture of sales activity and identify growth opportunities.

The Game Changer Digital Library

On-Demand Resources Deliver In-The-Field Solutions

Our integrated digital library provides the KeyImpact Sales Team with anytime access to resources such as culinary support, promotional materials, and product information to educate and inspire our customers.

Data is everywhere! Transforming the right data into an action plan against the right opportunity is KeyImpact’s secret to high growth and a high return on resources deployed.

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